March 19, 2010

March Is What You Make Of It

If you live in zone 4, it's hard not to notice the incredibily brown landscape we experience this time of year. I've often said that if I had the opportunity to spend some time in the sunny south, it would be for the entire month of March. Truth be known, I really don't want to be away from home for that long.

As I was driving today, there wasn't a single purple crocus to be seen, but I saw this small purple building on the grounds of a golf driving range. I've no idea why they decided to paint it purple, but I'm glad they did.

A little further on down the road, I spotted this yellow iron wheel leaning up against the weathered gray fence. Notice the white bird house with the red roof on the tree.

The first little town I came to was Freedom and it was here that I saw the yellow/gold dome of Saint Nicholas Catholic Church. Not exactly a daffodil, but pretty all the same.

I've no idea why the colorful t-shirts are painted on the side of this old building. Maybe they sell them when the weather is warm.

What started out as a drab drive in the country ended up proving that color can be found if you look hard enough, even in the month of March.

Did you hear about the Boulder, CO woman who has her neighbors complaining? The 52 year old woman was gardening wearing only a yellow thong and pink gloves. Apparently, it's legal under Colorado state law to garden outside topless.


  1. Enjoyed your splotches of color ... I'm finding it mostly in buildings, too

  2. I've been looking for color, too....
    am I zone 4 ? I must be....that must be the whole state of wisconsin, right ?

    right now, it's still just so darn beige, but that weather man was right and the snow is on the grass and staying at least until noon tomorrow I think....

    oh well....a white blanket on beige....maybe I'll get out my sprinkles and food coloring and decorate the front yard in the morning :)

  3. Even when colors has not been splashed by flowers, color do appear in many forms. ~bangchik

  4. I guess the woman in Co. probably did not clip her Felcos to her thong, if she did, it would be likely that she would only be left with pink gloves.

    Love the purple shed, and thank you for stopping by my blog.

  5. If that woman gardened here in that lack of an outfit she'd be sorry -- the bugs would have a field day.

    Your post is a wonderful illustration of why villages in the far North paint their houses in rainbow colors.

  6. Oh that is too funny about the gardener in Colorado!

    I love the type of color you found out on your drive. Those spots of color sure are cheerful.

  7. Love the "spring color" especially the purple building. I'm headed out to the garden now and even though the main colors are shades of brown, it is so wonderful to be able to start getting things ready. The blue skies today also help brighten things up. Happy Spring!

  8. It's nice to see other things with bright colors on them ..especially when your waiting on the colorful blooms of spring.

    I too' liked the purple shed and yellow wheel.

    The lady in Boulder Co, that gardens in the nude must be a fearless soul..

    I too" would like to know how she handles the Bugs!

    I don't like the way Bugs feel on me when I'm covered up with clothes on!!...

    She can't truly be a serious gardener.. Do you know how many incidents occur when one is gardening outside!

    Perhaps her skin is tougher than lather LoL!

  9. GREAT photos! I love finding beauty in random things outside. You always capture such great photos!

  10. LOL about the lady gardening in her thong! I consider that gray/brown period you're in now just "anticipation". Before you know it everything will be green and other colors. Glad you found some nice colors on your drive.

  11. Hang tight Donna, spring is on it's way! I see you have a snowdrop, so you know it's coming. Love the colors you found, even if they aren't flowers. You are right, my time in the garden made me very, very happy!

  12. Oh Donna I do feel the same about brown landscape during march...but you turned me around. Tomorrow on my walk with Storm I WILL look for colorful things in our landscape. I'm sure the're out there if only I open up for them.

    Sweet hugs and thanx my friend.

  13. Donna girl I almost spit my coffee out laughing over the woman gardening in the thog story .. had to read it to my husband who also laughed .. too funny girl !
    I guess I am in the ranks of gardeners with no snow drops .. obviously I have to correct that MISTAKE !!
    PS .. I'm making a note to myself not to drink coffee and read your posts at the same time ! LOL

  14. Hello Donna and thankyou for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely compliment. Such lovely bright colours there are in the landscape you were driving through.

    This year its been distinctly brown here too - I really miss the fresh green of new growth even if it is of a weed for atleast I'll now that the soil is starting to warm up again.

    I think if your CO woman was in a Scottish garden the scottish midge would maybe get her to wrap up.

  15. I've been thinking of the same idea for a beat me to the punch. Up here in zone 3 we are having the same brown, with some leftover dirty white in the shady spots. But, I did see pussywillows yesterday, so, spring is coming!!!
    PS...I could get away with gardening totally naked, but that would not be a picture worthy of Playboy, and like they said above...oooooo, the bugs, the bugs!!

  16. That was me you know. Ha Ha. My purple thong was in the laundry.

  17. We're not even to the beige phase yet. Still white, white, white. I went X-C skiing on Saturday, in fact. If it wasn't so fun, I would be mad;) Thongs and gardening: not a happy thought.

    Christine in Alaska

  18. I always love your pictures - you have an artistic eye! My snowdrops have finished blooming and my daylillies are sprouting inches a day! Spring is coming!

  19. You made my day, Donna ... A+ post!

  20. Donna you have such an good eye for things and also a good sense of humor!

    Thank you for stopping by today. I deleted your comment by accident trying to make some corrections to my letter as I replied Rats!

    Your mom is 81 years young! How wonderful! That is always a blessing.

    Butch & Beatrice, and the Red Devil...Yep" I'm a nick namer I re-name people too" LOL! It's a family thing.

    I guess that is why I chose to name my blog after my nick name my family gave me...My birth name is Eyvette.

    Always nice to hear from you..

  21. This reminds me of Abraham Lincoln's quote that "People are about as happy as they make up their minds to be." March is such an unpredictable month, but I think we're all so ready for signs of spring that our patience is wearing thin. I was surprised when I got back from AZ this week to see crocuses finally blooming in my garden. Don't worry, Donna, spring is moving your way.

    I wonder if it's legal to garden topless in Illinois?? I don't think I'll try it, though--too many thorns and pointed branches. LOL, my neighbors would complain, too, if I did this:)

  22. I am happy to report here in zone 5 I saw a crocus and the lawns have a tinge of green. But enjoyed the colors in your world and through your eyes. Thanks for sharing.

  23. I love that you find patches of color even during brown March. Even the story about the woman in CO. was about color...kind of.

  24. Great post, Donna. I love all your pictures. You always capture beautiful pictures.

  25. I love that photo of the church dome! I have an affintiy for church architecture, and missions in the west too.


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