October 12, 2009

Loving Autumn

I took a short break from posting and reading blogs, but think I'm ready to jump back into it. I'm not especially good at posting, but I dearly luv reading all your blogs and have missed doing so.

Of all the lilies that bloomed this summer, none of them made me happier than this tough cookie that bloomed after the plant had been cut down.

This crabapple tree is outside my dentist's office. When I was there last week, I commented to the people working there how pretty it looked. They couldn't think what tree I was talking about even though they walk by it every day on their way into work. They went to the window to take a look and agreed with me that the orange fruit was very attractive. Interesting how we sometimes miss the beauty right around us.

I often drive by the Oneida Apple Orchard and never tire of seeing these wooden boxes filled with apples. And I never tire of eating locally grown apples.

The fall color here in northeast Wisconsin peaks about the middle of October. The new header photo was taken out my front door. The view brightens my heart every time I look at it, but sometimes an individual leaf makes a bigger impression on me.

I know how you've been wishing and hoping for another turkey photo and I aim to please:) All my turkey photos are taken from inside the car because once I get out they scatter.


  1. Hi Donna,
    I get behind, too, and one of these days, I'll need to take a break from blogging to get rid of some of the clutter around here.

    I enjoyed your lovely fall post. I think blogging helps us notice the beauty around us. Someone, maybe a Philip, has a peak fall color meme we can leave links to our blogs on. This would be a good post for that.

  2. That tree is so full of apples. It looks like "fall" in your photos. We skipped fall this year and went right to winter. Lots of snow here. Love the turkey.

  3. Hi Donna,
    Great fall photos, thanks for the turkey shot. You have some of the best fall colors in WI, I can see that by your photos. We skipped fall too, like Bonnie said. I feel ripped off, slightly. But since I can see your enjoying fall, I won't feel so bad.
    I happen to think your blog is AMAZING! So, blog on, little lady.

  4. Now that is some real fall color in your header, just beautiful! It's funny how people can walk by something like that Crabapple and not notice it. Love the turkey photo!

  5. OH, how I have missed your posts! And you made up for lost time with this delicious post. Every word and picture was a treat to the senses. We are not seeing much in the way of color in Kentucky so far so it was fun to get a fix.

  6. Yea! Glad to have a post with yummy pictures! Your view is one to be envied! Nothing says fall like apples and colored leaves. Enjoy every moment. It's my favorite season.

  7. It looks like you're indeed having a lovely fall there. That view out your front, wow! If we're lucky to get colors at all, we'll get ours around Thanksgiving. Or maybe Christmas! It's funny how we miss such beauty as a crabapple when it's right under our noses. It helps to look, really look, every so often.

  8. That's a beautiful crab apple. It helps to have something nice to look at out of the dentist's window!

  9. I've always enjoyed reading your blog! The view from your front door is gorgeous. Such beautiful fall colors!

  10. A lovely post, Donna ~ how lucky to see the awesome header photo outside your door! Thanks for visiting ... it has been 'autumn joyful' visting you :)

  11. wisconsin is amazing this time of year...but oh how I don't want any snow yet...well, ever really, but that dream won't happen now will it ?

  12. Hi Donna, Your post is very calming. You really do have a wonderful view out your door. Each of those trees radiates such vibrant colors. What a show! Our colors are just beginning to change. Their peak will be in a couple of weeks...maybe. It's really hard to know around here; and, they won't necessarily give off a great show. It depends on how cool the weather gets and/or what section of the state you live in. Enjoy your lovely autumn!

  13. Oh man...apples...apples in boxes... fall leaves...sigh. I miss Fall. I miss the change of season. The only thing you've got that I've got are the darned turkeys - LOL. Great pics!!!

  14. Sue - I did manage to get rid of some clutter during my break, both mental clutter and clutter around the house.

    Bonnie - Thus far, October hasn't given us the best weather...cold, rain and a little snow. I consider any weather that's not dangerous to be good weather.

    Rosey Pollen - Dear Rosey, thanks for the encouragement. This hunk of junk computer is not letting me leave comments on your blog. I still read it, always will.

    Catherine@AGardenerinProgress - One doesn't have to look far to find beauty, right?

    Sue - You are always so sweet with your comments. Hope you're feeling better.

    ArtCricket2 - Fall is not only beautiful to look at, the air smells so wonderful.

    Jean - By Thanksgiving, we'll be brown with a chance of white. By Christmas, most likely all white.

    Linda - As I was sitting in the dentist chair, I could see a very tall pine tree with a huge amount of pine cones at the very top.

    sweet bay - Thank you. And you know how much I enjoy your NC blog. Luv that state.

    Joey - You are such a busy lady that I didn't expect a visit from you. Actually, all my blogger friends seem to be much busier than me and so everyone's visit is much appreciated.

    beth - Think of the snow as providing new photography challenges. Your blog is filled with some of the best photos ever.

    Jan (Thanks for 2 Day) - We're on the downside of our lovely autumn and have lots of brown to look forward to before the white arrives.

    Kate and Crew - I can't stop thinking about your sweet kitty. My Alley Cat doesn't know how good he has it with two perfectly good ears.

  15. Hi my friend, how wonderful to read you lovely words. If only we could meet and have a coffee and a sweet talk???!!! How I'm looking forward to meeting you once in this lifetime.

    Your header looks stunning beautiful! And just out your front door, amazing. Great to see Mr. Turkey back (or is it Mrs?). And yes the leaves do look marvelous just by themselfs.

    Oh and go give it a try, those apples I mean. Let me know how they tasted, the sure look jucy to me.
    Happy middle of the week day! Hugs Dagmar

  16. The new header picture is awesome. The leaves are just beginning to show color here in the Lehigh Valley. Thanks for the taste of fall.

  17. I usually love autumn, but it's so darned cold this year! We have cold rain, instead of warmth and blue sky we usually have this time of year. Darn it! At least the fall colors are extra pretty, just wish it would clear up so I could enjoy them. Your autumn looks lovely indeed!

  18. Barefoot from Heaven - Coffee together....sounds nice.

    Marie - I bet autumn in the Lehigh Valley is awesome.

    Msrobin - Our fall has been colder and wetter than normal, too.


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