August 5, 2009

Look What I Found

Four years ago, this Butterfly Weed was planted in the "messy" bed and every year since it's come up really late in the growing season and always in a slightly different place than the previous summer. This year it wasn't until late July that I spotted it under the Russian Sage. It's a species of Milkweed and will have orange flowers from late summer into the early fall. I've always known that butterflies are attracted to it, but read recently that it's the larval food of the Queen and Monarch butterflies.

There are a few stems of Sneezeweed that the rabbits forgot to eat and those stems produced some orange ('Chelsey') and yellow ('Double Trouble') flowers that look pretty in front of the Russian Sage.

I like how Russian Sage looks in the garden this time of year, especially when it's getting plenty of sun and grows straight up. These plants were originally planted in the front yard where they had to reach for the sun and never looked pretty. I moved them to a sunnier location in the spring of 2008. There's an ornamental grass behind it that I don't know the name of but looks fabulous as we move into fall.

After I reading about and seeing a photo of Mallow (Malva 'Zebrina') on Marissa's blog, I found one at a local garden center and now it's planted behind the Lantana in the "messy" bed.
Petunias have not been planted in this bed for about five years, but every year since a few volunteers can be counted on to make an appearance and I'm always thrilled about it.

I am still unable to leave comments on many blogs including my own. Even though I'm signed into my google account, it appears that I am not and won't publish my comment. I go back to my dashboard and I AM signed in. I thought maybe it was a server problem and I was losing internet connection.....except.....that it's always the same blogs where I have the problem. Don't know if it's related, but when I'm on Facebook, I'm repeadedly having to sign in as I move from wall to profile to photos, etc.


  1. Donna - have you tried a different computer? This would help you determine if it's an issue with your computer (like a virus or something) or if it's an issue with your account, but NOT your computer. Do you have a friend who has a computer that would let you sign on for a few? Or you might be able to go to your local library and sign on there. You could try logging in to google and then to your blog and other's blogs and see if you have the same issue? Just a thought...

    Beautiful flower pictures - as always. It's too hot to have flowers here right now. Summers = death for plants. LOL.

  2. I love surprises in the garden too, as well as Russian Sage. It's ironclad!

  3. Donna,
    I would have to agree W/ Kate . good advice indeed!
    At least your garden is looking so beautiful and doing good things for you. I always love your posts, your blog is fun. I hope you don't give up on the blogging!

  4. Glad you are at least able to still post on your blog. This inability to comment is a curious thing. I do miss your comments.

    As always, your garden looks great. I love Russian Sage. I love the wild look of it.

  5. Love the color of your Russian Sage and the way it looks against the grass. Sorry you are having so much trouble posting. I know it must be frustrating. I would try to help but I can't even figure out how to link.

  6. Hi Donna. I had to look up your 'butterfly weed' on Google, as I didn't have a clue what it was. It does look as if it'll be good value!

  7. Hi Donna- glad I could see your comment! I hope a good time is had in Louisville- the street rods are everywhere near me. I always love seeing them. Thankfully, the hail didn't produce damage to cars if I can go by how mine came out it.

  8. What beautiful flowers you have. I love the sage, that color is just so cheerful.

  9. your flowers are wonderful...

    and often blogger has a mind of its own and usually turns back around in a few days....

  10. Hello there Donna ! Your ornamental grass is Karl Foerster .. a wonderful well behaved clumper .. I have 3 clumps of them and they are gorgeous !
    I also have butterfly weed, every year it comes back in a beautiful state .. I let it go to seed posds in case there are any baby butterflies trying to cocoon .. Russian Sage is a fantastic plant I moved mine and left babies behind in that original spot .. but I fear the new home is not sunny enough .. drats !
    Love the Helenium ! I have that too : )
    Great pictures .. hope the problems get fixed soon !

  11. Messy bed! I see beauty! So sorry about the computer's so frustrating to not know enough about the possible causes! Gail

  12. Hi dear Donna, I miss you lots and see what I can do (may be my blog settings are a problem not that I've change a thing but you'll never know). What great Russian Sage you have, I've got some amazing pics of them too. And seeing yours I might send some on my blog out into the world too.
    Big hugs and talk soon I hope. Hugs Dagmar

  13. We eat cukes & vinegar all the time, Donna ... do you put salt & pepper in the vinegar & ice cubes to chill? We SMOTHER onions in there, also. TTFN ~Marydon

  14. Very nice pictures. I keep trying to grow butterfly weed but it doesn't come back.

  15. Have you solved your computer problems? This is a great post. You and your mom share golden friends. ("Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver, the other gold.") :-)

  16. My butterfly weed is very late coming up, and doesn't always survive the winter. My Hello Yellows did well this year, but the orange didn't come back. I also grow swamp milkweed, and am letting a wild one grow in the front yard.

    I like your combinations, too. Sneezeweed is one of my favorites.

    I'm sorry you are still having computer problems. I see you were able to leave a comment on mine, I think, today.


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