August 17, 2009

Been Doing A Lot Of This!

I've been doing a lot of weeding, deadheading and watering. Oh, the watering is wearing me out. Why doesn't it rain? Now that I've said that you can be sure it will start raining and not stop.

Have you ever met a Susan that you didn't love? Our Black-Eyed Susans (Rudbeckia 'Goldsturm') aren't quite as nice as previous summers. The fact that back in early May we put six inches of mulch on top of them before they were out of the ground, might have something to do with it. Purple Fountain grass in the background.

The Snapdragons are finally starting to look pretty. They can always be counted on to put on a show near the end of summer. These are a mix of 'Snapper Purple', 'Liberty Mix' and 'Rocket Mix'. I see the hummingbirds on them often.

I can only imagine how sick of seeing my hostas you must be, but I won't let that stop me from sharing one more photo. These are growing at the back of the house and they are all in bloom and look amazing.

Phillip is trying to catch a bumblebee and Joseph is serving as his backup. Joseph's mother told him that bumblebees are so friendly that you can pet them. Not sure that's good advice for a couple of little boys, but they did catch it without incident. It was released about thirty minutes later. You know, so it could go back to its family. 'Maestro Rose Pink' Geranium, purple Petunias and white Dahlias in the photo.

Alley Cat has a new hobby. Watching for hummingbirds.


  1. Love that you are getting hummingbirds in your yard. What a fun thing to see.

    I'm proud that Phillip is not afraid of bees. I'm not too bad with them either, but my oldest daughter is terrified of them. I honestly don't know where it came from. I'm trying to teach her son that they are interesting...just like Phillip.

    You still having "technical" issues with commenting?

  2. Your pictures are just beautiful. Love the one with your cat.

  3. Your Rubeckia look beautiful to me, as do your hostas. I bet Alley Cat loves to watch the hummingbirds. :)

  4. It is that time of year isn't it, lots of deadheading and cutting back to do. I think it's cute that your grandson and the neighbor are out catching bees.

  5. Donna,
    I don't grow hostas because of marble sized hail, So I am always happpy to give yours a look-see.
    Lots of deadheading and watering, your plants should be in heaven by now. Probably not your back, though. That's where I feel the pain, anyways.
    Petting bumblebees sounds harmless enough, but I will stick to petting cats.

  6. your hosta look great! I don't blame you for showing them off. thanks for visiting my blog.

  7. I went throught the watering wearing me out phase a few weeks ago during a 2 week long heat wave. And deadheading........don't get me started. I usually just pluck a few at a time as I wander past. But black-eyed susans are on my list for next year, I've noticed them everywhere this year.

  8. By the way, I love your new header shot! I just planted an apricot color yarrow, and I hope it spreads like that. Don't worry, it doesn't rain here either. I swear that the hose is permanently attached to my hand. There was a 60% chance of rain today, so what did we get? Five minutes of mist! That doesn't help one bit. LOL

  9. I think your rudbeckia looks fantastic! I'm curious to see what it looks like on better years now.
    Do the hummingbirds still visit, even with your cat watching from the other side of the window like that?
    Rain.. sometimes I wish it would go somewhere else, you can have a bit of ours! It's difficult here to mow the grass when it's always wet.

  10. Your gardens look great. My sons always did the bumblebee thing also. Those bees are so busy gathering pollen that they don't even notice those cute boys. I am so jealous because I have yet to see a hummingbird yet. Still waiting.

  11. We have hummingbirds coming to our cannas. They are fascinating to watch. Alley Cat has a perfect view!

  12. Oh, my gosh. I changed my settings/comments from embedded to pop up and look.....I can leave a comment on my blog. Haven't been able to do that for weeks.

  13. On the blogs to which you can't post, have you noticed whether or not you're signed in to your own blog before you try to post on theirs?

  14. I've been deadheading, but the weeds across the street are getting big again. Now that I'm back to work, I'm not having the energy to go tackle the weeds. Maybe I'll get used to it soon, and not be so tired.

    I enjoyed seeing the variety of photos. I don't see anything wrong with your Susans. It's cool you see hummingbirds. We normally see one or two a season, but this year, I haven't seen any.


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