August 31, 2009

Garden Bloggers' Death Day - 8/31/09

Kate at Gardening Without Skills came up with the idea of having Garden Bloggers' Death Day on the last day of every month. You really should go there and read her post. It will make you laugh. She has big time death in her garden! I only have one photo to post and the reason for that is because the minute a plant looks a little sick, I cut it down or dump it out and never remember to take pictures.

Earlier in the summer the garden phlox were heavily damaged by the phlox plant bugs. Once the bugs were under control they attempted a comeback only to be attacked by a powdery mildew. For five straight years they grew and bloomed without incident, until this year. So sad.

This wild turkey and her poults were crossing the road in front of my car. They didn't seem to be in a hurry and so I took their picture. Now I'm thinking I've used this photo in a previous post.


  1. Wow you had a plan live for FIVE years before it died! That's amazing!! So sorry it died a mildewy death though - bummer.

    And the baby turkeys are sooo cute! When I was a kid I heard my mom talking about some goblets and I thought she was talking about baby turkeys - LOL.

  2. Wow, those Phlox do look sad. Amazingly, all of my sad/dead/dying plants have proven to be camera-shy so far. :) You'd think they'd be past caring.

    That is an amazing picture of the turkey hens and her chicks. Her legs are so long. Wild turkeys are such impressive elegant birds.

  3. I still love the babies out with mom ... cute! Have a lovely week. TTFN ~ Marydon

  4. You never know, those phlox could make a return next year. It's strange when a plant you have so long suddenly gets diseased and bugs like that.
    Cute turkey picture!

  5. Love the turkeys!!!

    does mildew always kill plants? We have mildew on our pumpkin plants. we spray it once a week with 9 parts water 1 part skim milk. It keeps it from getting out of control but it has not gotten rid of it. We have a few pumpkins growing so I hope they dont die.

  6. powdery mildew, ah yuck. I got some of that this year, and that is rare in this usually dry climate. Such a strange weather year.
    That is one elegant turkey and her babies are cute. I have never seen one with young before. Thanks for sharing this photo, I never saw it, so it's new to me!

  7. Great turkey pix.
    Powdery mildew..yep, I have trouble with that too. I am pulling some of my zinnias now.

  8. Baby turkeys are called poults? How do you know this stuff. Brilliant.

    Maybe "What is a poult?" will be a Jeopardy answer soon. I love when something new I've learned pops up on Jeopardy. Thanks for the education.

  9. I didn't know baby turkeys were poults either. Those pink flowers in your banner, I'm sure they're the ones I always pull out as weeds.....what are they called? And hens 'n chicks bloom? I've never seen them do that...maybe they need a warm climate? I've always disliked them because they remind me of old ladies' rubber shower caps.

  10. We usually have a problem with powdery mildew out should've seen my zucchini! It produced well until 2 weeks ago when the mildew became too much...
    Love the turkeys!

  11. That mama bird photo is so adorable! I added you to my FOLLOW because I can't wait to see what you share next. I am in zone 5b ( OHIO) gardening so please stop by my little space on the web sometime.

    Happy September Gardening!

  12. Y'all can post all the dead and dying plants you like. I am trying to post pretty, whenever I can find it, or at least green and growing.

    Those turkeys are just too cute. DH and the dog saw a wild turkey at woods' edge yesterday. It's that time of year.

  13. we have wild turkeys all around us and yet I have never seen any babies !

    thanks for this photo !

    and yes.....wisconsin is treating us to a fantastic gift right now weather wise....already making up for the winter that it will dump on us soon enough :)

  14. I love GBDD - it's so satisfying somehow to write about dead plants. I'm a little crazy I guess. :-)

  15. I have never had much success with phlox. It's nice you had some for five years tho. Thanks for sharing the mama and babies. I worry about where all the wild life is going to live with all the development.

  16. Poor little phlox, so prone to mildew! I wouldn't dig them out, I'd cut them down and hope they grew back!

  17. Kate and Crew - Baby turkeys/goblets....funny....made me laugh.

    sweet bay - I had to sneak up on the phlox....they're kinda camera shy, too.

    blushing rose - All moms and babies look cute together, right?

    Catherine@AGardenerinProgress - I never even thought about the phlox not making a comeback next year. Another thing to worry about.

    Lo - This is my first experience with mildew. I appreciate the 9 parts water/1 part skim milk recipe. I'd be thrilled to have even 1 tiny pumpkin.

    Rosey Pollen - Thanks for sharing in my mildew misery.

    MissyM - Your blog is one where I'm unable to leave comments, but I still check in to look at your flowers and to find out what's playing on that jukebox in your head:)

    Lindalou - Let me know when you're going to be on Jeopardy...I'll cheer you on. I'm hating it more & more that I can't leave comments on Our Mush Push.

    Nell Jean - I know what you mean about posting the pretty, the green and the growing. But I wouldn't want anyone thinking things are perfect around here:)

    beth - Thanks for stopping by. I know how busy you are these days.

    Marie - That makes us both a little crazy.

    Stella - We live in a Village where there is no commercial development to speak of...although there are some plans for that in the works. That means a loss of green space and the wildlife that lives there.

    MsRobin - The photo makes it look like one little phlox plant with mildew when, in fact, there are 5 of them in a row all about 4 feet tall and all covered in mildew.

  18. Oops! Guess it's too early in the AM for me. I missed a couple of you, sorry.

    joyce - Oh, how I miss leaving comments on your blog. I'm still reading it though and enjoying it. The pink flowers (weeds:)) in the banner are yarrow(Achillea 'Heidi'). Hens & Chicks reminding you of old ladies' rubber shower caps made me laugh out loud.

    susie - Your blog is one I've been reading for a while and now I'm unable to leave comments there. Your posts about the Praying Mantis have been very interesting.

    Bren - Thanks for stopping by. Your collage of purple/green is stunning.

  19. Hi Donna, The wild turkey with her family is precious! I hate the dreaded phlox bug! It's here, too. I've been doing my best to get every little tiny stalk cut down and thrown in the trash each fall, so no larvae can winter over in the stalks! So far the infestation this year hasn't been bad. I tried neem this spring and it seems to be working. Good luck. I do like your header photo, btw! I am glad you can post on my blog! gail

  20. Hi Donna. I am passing along a tag if you are interested. The meme is "7 things you dont know about me" Play along if you are so inclined.

  21. OOgle-oogle oogle, oogle! yea wild turkeys. When we lived in Ohio, we had some that would perch high in the trees and make such funny turkey noises! love those babies.

  22. Hi Donna, I'm so sorry about your phlox they would have look stunning if they were okay. Maybe next year again. And mommy and her kids are adorible. How wonderful they crossed your path that day. Hugs from me to you.

  23. What a shame about the mildew. It's certainly been a damp summer in many places.

    The wild turkey is a new bird to me. She's certainly very strict with her children!

  24. The mildew is sad! and I love the birds. I don't think I saw them in a post before. What a treat. Hope you're having a nice holiday weekend.

  25. Ahh, i used to have a pet Turkey, Clucky. Mmmmm he atsted gooooooooood!

  26. Gail - All of my mildewy phlox have been cut down to the ground and the stalks disposed of in a way that they'll never harm anyone again. If only that was true. Thanks for the Preen idea.

    MissyM - I am the worst when it comes to following up on tags. You are kind to think of me. I've been commenting on your blog via email since my computer won't allow me to do it the "normal" way.

    Muum - We've been walking through the woods when unexpectedly a flock of wild turkeys will take flight (if you can call that flight)and startle us.

    Barefoot from Heaven - I almost always take the country roads on my way to visit my parents and the scenery never disappoints me.

    Linda - The mildew on the phlox surprised me because our summer has been dry. Our spring was cold and wet and maybe that's how it started.

    ArtCricket2 - The mildew on the phlox was sad but you should see it on my pumpkin plant....really, really sad.

    Brad the Builder - I once had pet rabbit named George. I can't say how he tasted because I refused to eat it. Still haven't forgiven my parents for that...times were different then, I guess.


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