August 29, 2009

Blooming Cobwebs

My computer continues to keep me from leaving comments on some of my favorite blogs. That bothers me greatly, so I've decided to mention one of the blogs each time I post.

I can hardly wake up in the morning without reading urbanlittlehouse. Sue is the person who encouraged me to try blogging and I thank her for that. Every single one of her posts make me want to be a better person. She'd love it if you visited her blog.

Hens and Chicks, Cobweb.
So tiny, planted in May.
Didn't expect blooms this year.
Nice surprise.

Fan Flowers (scaevola aemula).
Growing like crazy.
Amazing what a little fertilizer does.

Note to self.
Next year, plant more
containers with impatiens.

The hungry rabbits feasted on the
Morning Glory plants most of the summer.
The plants are only 6" tall.
But the flowers are big and pretty.

My one and only tomato plant.
Full of green tomatoes.
Will there be enough "summer" left
for them to turn them red?

Son and grandson,
enjoying some pool time.
Or, are they auditioning
for the circus?


  1. Hi
    Thanks for coming by to visit my fowl friends. I am going to plant more impatiens next year too they seem to so well with little care.

  2. I don't think I ever saw hen and chicks blooms before, lovely. Scaveola is stunning, too.

    Your children in the pool reminded me of oh, so long ago, when I was about 4 and my half-brother would hold out his big hand and I would stand on it, totally unafraid.

  3. Your fan flower is glorious! I have some little hens and chicks in tiny little planters that havent ever bloomed. I want more impatients next year too.

  4. All your flowers are gorgeous, but I too, have not seen hens & chicks bloom before. Have a beautiful weekend. TTFN ~ Marydon

  5. I didn't even know that Hen and Chicks bloomed until I saw on a blog recently. The blooms are very pretty. The fan flower looks magnificent.

    Your pool looks pretty nice too! ;) Your son and grandson look like they're having a good time.

  6. Hi Donna : )
    Thanks for stopping by my blog !
    Hens and Chicks are such sweet little plants .. hard to believe the way they bloom ! LOL
    The boys look like they are having a blast : )
    I am looking forward to the cool crisp days of Autumn finally ! LOL

  7. Your hen and chicks amaze me! And yes, Sue's blog is a wonderful way to start any day. She's a peach! The poor looks very inviting.

  8. Donna,
    For some reason my cobweb hen died.
    Such a great bunch of photos, I really hope your tomatoes get ripe!
    Enjoy the time with your grandson!

  9. I love that fan flower. It is such a beautiful shade of purple. I think I will need to find one of those! Looks like fun in the pool. I think I need to get one of those too!

  10. lovely shots!

  11. Love the fan flower! I also have never had hens & chicks bloom. Thanks for the great pictures and the link to Urban Little House - I really enjoyed reading it.

  12. Hi Donna, It's very frustrating when our computers don't cooperate. They don't understand how important blogging is to us!

    The H7C blooms are the first I've seen and the Fan flowers are spectacular. I have got to start fertilizing my annuals!


  13. Although it sure feels like fall today, I think there should be enough summer left for you to get some tomatoes. (They love the sun!)

    Good idea to discuss a blog each day. A friend at work and I have been encouraging each others blogging activities. So I understand your relationship with your friend.

    I'm impressed with Phillip's acrobatic skills.

  14. Your flowers have been so lovely all summer. And mine have been so disappointing. Must be those long winters...

  15. I love the hens and chicks. I've only got them in a container, but I like how they look in the ground better, room to spread. They do have pretty flowers.
    I hope you have enough summer and then some for all those tomatoes!
    I bet they have lots of fun in that pool!

  16. Stella - Let's remind each other next spring about the impatiens.

    Nell Jean - What a brave little 4-year old you were.

    MissyM - Your blog is one that I read but am unable to leave comments. I hate that.

    Blushing Rose - I wonder why sometimes hens & chicks bloom and then sometimes they don't. I'm sure not doing anything special.

    sweet bay - When the hens & chicks bloom, it's always such a happy surprise.

    GardenJoy4Me - You're not looking forward to Halloween, are you:)

    ArtCricket2 - I had no idea so many people would be interested in that tiny little hens & chicks plant.

    Rosey Pollen - Did you take a picture of the dead hens & chicks? You could use it for Garden Bloggers' Death Day, which is today. Oh, my....I almost forgot.

    Teresa - Pools look nice and they are fun, but require lots of work. The pool belongs to my son and dil.

    Flyingstars - Nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by.

    Marie - Thanks for visiting Sue at urbanlittlehouse. I love how she writes and what she writes about.

    Gail - I've done better at fertilizing this year, but let's face it, a girl only has so much time. We can't do everything.

    Lindalou - I think I'll remove some of the branches and leaves from my tomato plant so more sun can get in there and do some ripening. Let me know if you have a friend's blog you'd like me to visit.

    Brenda - You mean those VERY, VERY LONG, LONG winters.

    Catherine@AGardenerinProgress - I think I'll try hens & chicks in containers next year.

  17. Your plants look gorgeous. What a fun family. Thanks for sharing.


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