April 23, 2010

Sweet White Violets

Sweet White Violets (Viola blanda Willd)
Viola is the classical Latin name for violets.
Blooms April - June.

I found them growing up against these
old, cracked, concrete blocks.

Look carefully where the grass meets the building
and you'll see the Sweet White Violets.
Deep blue/purple Wood Violets are common in
Wisconsin and have been the state flower since 1949,
but I very seldom see the Sweet Whites.

I looked in the window and liked what I saw.

Moving on to my bathroom.
You're thrilled, right?
Pumpkins, cucumbers, peppers,
zinnias and nasturtium.
All thriving in the sunny bathroom.

Planted the seeds in clear plastic cups
so that Phillip could see the roots
and understand better what goes
on down there in the dirt.

This lazy duck was sitting in the
middle of the road enjoying the sun.
The honk of my horn got his
attention and he was on his way.
Made me smile.

Maybe I share too many turkey photos.
I can't help myself.
They beg me to photograph them.

In case you're wondering about the header photo,
that's my shadow standing in the
ditch with the Marsh Marigolds.
They are one of the first flowers
to bloom when spring arrives.
Also known as Cowslip.
Caltha Palustris is the botanical name.
 They grow in low-lying, wet areas.


  1. Those white violets are so pretty. I'm always drawn to white flowers.

    I really like your relationship with Phillip. He's very lucky to have such a great grandma.

    I was standing on my driveway this afternoon talking with Krissy, when a duck waddled right past me. But...no camera.

  2. I have a love of all the tiny little flowers that grow in large areas like these! I love your turkey too!!! They are pretty neat. I bet if I saw one here I would definately have to have a photo...LOL!

    Smart idea to plant in the clear cups to show roots...I will remember this for my grandkids!

  3. I don't know that I've ever seen the sweet whites! They are beautiful!

  4. I like that header photo! You're waving to us :)
    Wouldn't you love to rummage around inside that old building? I bet there are lots of treasures inside.
    Your seedlings are looking great! I bet Phillip has fun seeing how much the seedlings are growing.

  5. I really like your new header! What a fun idea to use the clear cups so Phillip can see what grows above and below the ground. We are getting a nice rain this morning. Much needed. Have a great weekend!

  6. I love the way you see the beauty in the ordinary, Donna. The photo of the barn window is so artistic! It must have been very tempting to sneak inside to see what treasures it held. The white violets are so pretty and very different from what I usually see around here. I realize from looking at your photos that I've been too busy whizzing here and there to stop and really look at what's around me. So much is growing right now that it deserves a second look. Love your new header--I thought the shadow might be Phillip:)

  7. The white violets are lovely. I don't remember ever seeing them around here.

    I hope Phillip comments on the plants in clear cups on his blog :-)

  8. Those were one of my favorite Oregon Spring flowers too. Our daughter has tons of white and purple and pink violets scattered around their acreage. I know that giving up Spring (as we used to know it) is just one of the tradeoffs for our roving live and I am OK with that. But I surely do enjoy these beautiful reminders of Spring.

  9. Donna, lovely pictues. Glad to see you have a budding horticulturist. rotate those seedlings.... they love that sun!

  10. Donna, What a great way to teach Phillip about plants! I sort of remember a pea growing science project from a long time ago;-) The violets are sweet (I would love to see more white violets...the purples are winning the race here for who can concur bare earth...) and that barn would totally intrigue me! gail

  11. The white violets are wonderful! My sister, Richey, would love them-she's a white flower enthusiast!

  12. I'm not sure if I've seen sweet white violets before. Are they fragrant?

    You can never post too many wild turkey pictures!

  13. How I love whites and greens...specially wild ones.

    And that window is just adoring becauese it's old and cracked.
    Great shot of yours.
    Hugs d.

  14. You know a lot about wildflowers, do you have a book? I have Wildflowers of Ohio, and it is used frequently.

  15. Catching up on all your wonderfull photos, Donna. I especially look forward to thos Marsh Marigolds in the springtime bogs and the various violets as well.

  16. Hi, Donna!
    What fun pics. Love the idea of the clear containers. I like to keep an eye on the root action, too.

    PS: I don't think it's possible to show too many turkey pics. They are so cool!

  17. We have lots of purple violets but no white. They are so pretty. Around our house it's geese wandering and not turkey. The geese all have their babies right now and it is so cute to watch them cross the road. Thanks for sharing flowers and wildlife with us.

  18. I've been wondering if marsh marigolds and cowslips were the same thing ... they are just beginning to bloom here. The blanket of white violets is so pretty ... just see the purple ones here.

  19. Hi, Donna!

    Those are so gorgeous blooms. I haven't seen many sweet white violets here. I have the deep purple violets growing behind our shed. I love it for a ground cover. What a great idea planting seeds in plastic cups! I guess Philip enjoys it so much. I have pumpkin this time and it is just starting to flower.I never get tired of your turkey photos. I even share it to David and Dorothy . And what a great shadow shot. I love it, Donna. That would make a good entry for Shadow Shot Sunday :)

    Thank you for always visiting and commenting my blog.I really appreciate it.
    Have a nice day always.

  20. You asked about the Baptisia -- they can end up 2' wide as they come up, and then become twice as wide as the foliage grows up and then drops back down in the umbrella form after flowering. They are slow to mature though -- sometimes very very slow -- and mine usually don't grow much the first 3 years.

  21. I was thrilled to see a turkey crossing the road the other day. It is my first sighting near our home.
    I did not get a good photo though so I was glad to get a good look at yours.

    I love the scent of violets. MMM...

  22. those turkeys hate me....they are the only birds that run fast and furiously from me....darn them !


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