February 28, 2010

Dear March, Come In!

To March
by Emily Dickinson

Dear March, come in!
How glad I am!
I looked for you before.
Put down your hat-
You must have walked-
How out of breath you are!
Dear March, how are you?
And the rest?
Did you leave Nature well?
Oh, March, come right upstairs with me,
I have much to tell.

I know it's technically still February, but I couldn't resist posting the first stanza of this poem about March.  You can go here to read the rest of Emily Dickinson's poem.

I'm hoping that as we move into March, one of my favorite garden centers will no longer look like this.

It's still cold outside....
So I had Phillip do a little planting inside.
Some basil, chives and parsley.
He included a peach pit that
he'd saved from last summer.

Many famous people were born on March 1. There's Ron Howard the actor/director, Harry Belafonte the singer/songwriter, Robert Lowel the poet, and Deke Slayton the astornaut. But none of the people born on the first day of March is more loved by me than my son who was born on this day in 1968. Happy Birthday to my favorite son.


  1. I'm sure Spring will be here soon. I'm betting on one or two surprisingly warm days in March.

    Glad you had Phillip doing some early planting. Interesting that he planted a peach pit.

    Happy March.

  2. Hey Donna,

    Two of my girls are born in March, it's a marvelous month for birthdays. Hope your son has a good celebration too!


  3. Yes, I am ready for March to enter the door! This poem is perfect for Garden Muse Day tomorrow, too, Donna. Love the cat photo--I can't stop smiling after seeing it:) I think we're all ready for the end of winter.

    Happy Birthday to your favorite son!

  4. that much closer to spring ... yes!

  5. Donna -- I love your new header photo and this post too. For a short month, February sure can seem to last forever! Please do let us know how the peach plant and the rest of the projects turn out.

  6. we were out for a country drive today and i do have to say....it was very damp and springy out there....and lots of grass everywhere....dead and brown, but at least it was grass !!!

    I think we're going to make it !!!
    come on spring....blow us away with your warmth and beauty and freshness !!!

  7. What a cute photo of the cat. I think all of us are exceptionally ready for spring this year.

  8. My neighbor pointed out today that I have some crocus peeking through the ground. A surprise to me both becuase I hadn't seen them and I didn't plant them. She tansplanted them last year and put them there! What a great neighbor. We had our first meeting with the community garden folks today, so I guess we were all just waiting for March to get here!

  9. You do still have quite a bit of snow there. Hopefully with the arrival of March the snow will be on its way.
    Cute new header picture :)

  10. Glad to see that you and Philip were having fun playing with seeds. Although I work in the greenhouse almost daily during the week... I am still craving the smell of the earth warming, the real sun on my face, and bird song!! Ah, spring!

  11. There was a famous person born on March 2nd, too. Famous to me, at least. My daughter! :)) I want a hat like that for my cat!!

  12. I'm so glad it's March today, I think I can make it to spring now! In the next few weeks, hubby will have fertilized the lawn for the first time, and I'll have trimmed back my butterfly bush and roses. And my cold weather veggies will go into the garden! Now, if I could only melt the snow away, that would help! LOL That looks just like my windowsill garden. It's growing well!

  13. Happy Birthday to your son!

    That's a great poem for this time of year. For all that she was a hermit, Emily Dickinson had a whimsical side.

  14. Hi Donna!

    That is a beautiful poem for Spring and love all your photos. It is nice to see Phillip do a little of planting. Looks like he was enjoying it.

    You have a nice header. Love it.

    Have a nice day

  15. Yes, Happy March, Donna ... snow be gone! Children's birthdays are truly a mother's day to celebrate, aren't they! (Love your 'cat in a hat' ... isn't today Dr. Seuss's birthday!)

  16. Yes, I just know spring is around the corner. I can't imagine my garden center looking like yours! We still have not hit our average temperatures (we're a good 10 degrees below) but it's starting to look like this will be the week we get to "normal". Fingers crossed.

    Happy birthday to your son!

  17. Oh how sweet, a very happy birthday to your son! The special cat in the hat was so appropo for today being Dr. Seuss' birthday as well. Good luck with the seed and pit sowing. :-)

  18. Donna-
    I love your new header. What a sweet grandson. It is fun to see what the two of you are up too. You have so much fun!

  19. Donna-
    I love your new header. What a sweet grandson. It is fun to see what the two of you are up too. You have so much fun!

  20. Brrrr... and Happy Birthday! I have a little something for you on my blog today stop by when you get the chance :)

  21. Dear Donna

    Thank you so much for your really dear sentensies. You know, today everything it's OK. No problem.
    Today was beatiful sunshine, blue sky in London. Lovely!

    Happy Birthday for your "March-son".
    And your grandson it's OK?
    I'm waiting for the new Philip's post.

    Have nice day!


  22. Well, it's March now, so happy March to you, and happy birthday to your son! I love your header photo! I hope Philip's seeds all grow well.

  23. My mood has elevated noticeably since the first day of March. I eagerly anticipate the work of spring. Love the header photo. Let us know how Phillips plantings grow. And, happy belated birthday to your son. :-)

  24. Donna, that is some winter scenery out there~The cat in the hat is so cute! Phillip is adorable and I love the header photo. What memories you two are creating~Happy March, gail

  25. I'm all for March. As long as its "comes) in like a lamb and goes out the same way." :)

  26. Hi, Donna!

    Just dropping by to say Thank You for the visit and comment.

    About that nude photo shoot,how I wish I knew about it beforehand so I can participate too.. hehehe.. Btw, didn't know that event until I saw the pictures in the newspaper.

  27. The divine miss emily is much too solicitous to March...I would be demanding in a stern tone "where in the world have you been!?" Plus a few complaints on his feeble appearance as well. But then I hear he appears quite delightfully to those in more southern climes.

    Christine in Alaska

  28. Hi Donna congratulations with your son. My dad shares the same date (he only is from '41). Thanks for your nice words and I do feel better already just because of you.

    Love that you love my rings (hihi, seems you notice little things and look deep into the picture, I also have that habbit). Well anyway I struggle with it and I hate the fact I can't seem to get it into controle....

    Your new header is awsome. Love you little grandson here.
    Bye's for now. Hugs Dagmar


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