February 26, 2012

A Very Late Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day

It's been almost two years since I've participated in Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, but here I am with a very late February post. If you'd like to share blooms of your own, please visit Carol at May Dream Gardens to find out how to join in on the 15th of every month.

My Valentine surprised me with a container of daffs, crocuses, tulips, hyacinths, an amaryllis and a pretty little Foxglove. The amaryllis 'Ludwig Goliath' is now 15" tall.

Three days later the hyacinths were blooming.
The pink in the background is a Kalanchoe
from Valentine's Day 2011.

This is the first winter since being planted
in 2004 that the grasses growing next
to the driveway haven't been flattened 
to the ground by heavy, wet snow.
  Love this winter look!

Early one morning after some fresh snow had
fallen during the night, I noticed two sets of tracks
going down the sidewalk. One belonged to a deer
and the other a cat. No, not a cougar. 

They eventually parted ways,
going off in different directions.
Very sweet sight.


  1. Ah, sweet colors of spring--even if it is in a pot-how pretty!!
    Your grasses are beautiful too.
    The snow is not!
    (It's been a LONG winter........)


  2. What lovely Planter of spring flowers.

  3. Great post . . . I enjoyed hearing about Ludwig . . . My amayrillis has three tall leaves, no bud, planted December 22nd. I haven't give up yet!

  4. Please pardon the letter omission . . . "haven't given up yet!"

  5. Love the taste of spring! (I do miss spring flowers!)

  6. The grasses are so lovely. We are getting a heap of snow here today.

  7. What a nice windowside garden you have there!

  8. Gorgeous container garden, and the perfect Valentine for a gardener. I've often wondered if ornamental grasses maintain their beauty in heavy snow climates, so I guess the answer is no!

  9. What a lovely gift from your husband! Your grasses are beautiful; I can't wait till mine get this tall. We haven't had enough snow this year to worry about flattening them here.

  10. Winter lovely, Donna, and great images!

  11. such pretty bulbs!!!
    the animal tracks in the snow are sooooo sweet!

  12. I can never get enough of the scent of Hyacinths, what a lovely bouquet/gift from your sweety.
    Those winter grasses add a lot of intrigue to your garden for winter.

  13. Lovely Valentine arrangement Donna, how lucky you are. Nice grasses too!

  14. You have a very thoughtful Valentine! They are lovely!

  15. I've often wondered what people see in planting clump of exotic grasses. You picture of them covered with snow shows me. Very nice...:)

  16. Beautiful series of photos. Looks like Spring is not very far. The flowers are pretty. I love the grass too. Thank you for the visit and the nice comment.

  17. Beautiful spring feeling blossoms...I could use some of those as I look out the window and see the white, brown, and dark greens of winter.
    I wonder if the cat & deer were walking at the same time?

  18. Thank you so much for the comment and the message, Donna! I have a FB account and I will sent you a request. However I am not always there, not like here in blogging. I went back working since August last year. How I wish I can spend longer time in both.

    Anyways, I am sending my warmest hugs to you, Coo Coo kid and everyone else.

  19. Wow, Donna! It looks like spring in your house, but winter outside. What nice Valentine's Day gifts! That photo with the footprints is cute.

  20. What a pretty "bouquet". Those are my type of Valentine flowers!
    The deer and cat tracks are cute. Wonder if they were walking along together? :)

  21. What pretty flowers!!!

  22. Your Valentine flowers are beautiful. I got a similar gift, but much smaller and already done blooming. I'm currently drying the bulbs for future planting.

    Has this been the strangest winter ever?? The grasses look great, but I can't help worry about the lack of snow this season. We will need a very rainy Spring.

    Hugs to you,


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