February 13, 2012

Valentines for the Birds!

Everyone is looking for a little love, even our feathered friends. The Coo Coo Kid and I made these Valentine bird treats and hung them outside. Whether or not the birds find them tasty is yet to be determined. Here's what you'll need to make them.

3/4 cup birdseed
1T. flour
2 T. water
Cookie cutter (inside wiped with oil)
Foil-covered cookie sheet
Red ribbon
9-year old boy

Have the boy mix together the birdseed, flour
and water until well moistened.

Next, pack the mixture into the cutter,
inserting half a straw near the top
to create a hole for hanging.

Bake the biscuit (with the straw) in a 170-degree
oven until the biscuit is hard, about an hour.
Let it cool. Remove straw and cookie cutter.
Thread a ribbon through the hole
and hang it outside.
(Recipe from FamilyFun)

May your Valentine's Day be simply wonderful!


  1. What a charming idea---I can see this used for different projects too. But, where does one procure a 9 year old boy? Do you think a 54 year old hubby would work just as well???

    1. Sue, don't think it'll work with the 54-year old hubby. They tend to NOT follow directions. Still can't leave comments on your blog....hate that. Spammer still buggin' you?

  2. How fun is that!! I'm definitely missing one key ingredient there though (and would be even if I were nearer to my grown up or nearlyl grown grandkids -- and the greats aren't quite old enough yet!)

    1. Hi Sallie. I think I'd trade a little fun in the FL sun for hanging bird treats out in the snow.

  3. I really-really love it!Very good idea!

  4. What a fun idea! Might have to try that with my 5 year old girl :)

  5. Looks like a great idea ... short on boys however {girls, too}.
    Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

  6. These are so cute--I'm sure the birds must love them. I might try these, but I'll have to adjust the recipe a bit--I have an 8-year-old girl, but I'll have to wait till fall to have an eight-year-old boy available:) Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day, Donna!

  7. Unless I can talk the grandkids into coming over I will just have to try these myself. I know my birds will like the treat. You asked if I was able to sand the name out of the gossip bench I rehabbed. Yes, I took it all out but looking back wish maybe I had left it.

  8. What a great project. Now that the boys are older, I've been looking for fun projects to do with them. We recently just did their Valentine's Day boxes for school. Austin loves making things. Ryan spends a few minutes and then says "Can I be done now?" So funny.

    Yes the cookies are crispy. I've never posted the recipe for these cookies as Caity makes these every year for Bob. It's so sweet. The recipe is from Cooks Illustrated. If you want a really good sugar cookie, let me know and I'll send it to you.


  9. Oohhh....I like those! I've missed seeing your posts, and am back for now. I must save that recipie.

    Its so nice to see your relationship with Phillip is still going strong.....you and he are making lifelong memories....how special.

  10. That Coo Coo kid sure is cute! You are so lucky to spend time with him, and I like how you get him to appreciate nature and living things. I see gardening in his future!

  11. Those are so cute.. Love to try it with the kids this school holiday. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  12. So, did the birds eat them all yet? That does look like fun! Coo Coo Kid sure is growing up!

  13. What a lovely idea! Thanks for the "recipe". I will replace the 9 year old boy with a 7 year old girl, but it should work out ; )


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