March 1, 2011

This Is What The First Day Of March Looks Like

This is what it looks like in my neck of the  
woods on the first day of March.

The closest thing to spring
   was this bit of melting taking
place in the downspout.
Lovely, isn't it?

Most everything is still blanketed in snow.

The tall grasses are struggling
with the wind and snow.

The Coo Coo Kid escaped to a
 warmer land where he was able
to leap over sand castles.
No wonder he has no time
to update his blog.


  1. what a great shot!!! how happy that boy must be! it looks beautiful there!

  2. If I were to venture outside for photos, it would look much the same as yours. Although we had a lot of sun today. I actually had to take my puffy warm coat off in the car today. Whether that was the warmth of the sun or my current state of heat variation, I can't say.

    Great photo of Phillip. We are all envious. Too bad Grandma wasn't able to go too.

  3. Lucky CC kid! I could use some of that beach time.
    You still have a lot of snow. I am worried that we haven't gotten enough.

  4. Oh, I want to go where HE is! I've been complaining about our weather lately but know I need to remember it's even colder and snowier where you are, Donna! I just can't take this any more, though. 40's and chilly isn't spring to me and even though we don't have snow, I still feel like it's just too much winter here! When will it end?!

  5. March looks about the same in your part of WI as mine.

    The sand and the beach looks wonderful. Looks like a lot of fun.

  6. That's the way it looks here, too!

  7. Trust me. Spring will come. It is moving your way, 10 miles a day.

  8. I'm pretty sure I would cry if I looked out the window and saw that much snow. CC kid looks happy!

  9. Beautiful photos Donna!!! Lovely!

    Gabriella from London

  10. Oh my, you do have a lot of snow still! Ours has all melted, leaving a muddy mess. I keep looking for signs of new growth in the garden, but it's wishful thinking, I'm afraid. Still I know that spring must be working us way up north to reach both of us one of these days. In the meantime, I'd love to join Phillip on the beach!

  11. Donna,
    Here in PA the mountains of snow in the parking lots have turned to little hills. I can see green grass and sprouts of bulbs. I hope your surroundings look like that very, very soon.

    Great pictures!

  12. It looks so cold but beautiful photos. Spring is not that far and that snow will be gone soon.

    Love that photo of P. Looks like he had so fun in the beach.

  13. Poor you, Donna. Winter's icy grip...

    Your grandson has the right idea. What bliss!

  14. CooCoo Kid is so fortunate to be able to escape! Tell him he makes a cute beach boy!!!

  15. I think I have a twin downspout to yours.... and a similar skeptical attitude about you know what ever coming.....

  16. Oh yeah, Happy March. Some of our neighbors have their kids from Wisconsin visiting this week -- they seemed pretty happy to be here ;>) Looks like it might be a while before your garden shows up.

    Lucky kid! Did he take you with him?

  17. I really love the winter landscape...the snow makes everything so clean and beautiful!

  18. Things are looking a little more springy here than there. My snowdrops are blooming today! the CooCoo kid looks like he's enjoying the break from the cold.

  19. Hi Donna,
    My eyes played tricks on me. When I looked at your first photo, I saw a cat, but then when I read what you wrote and scrolled a bit, my eyes saw that it was the open part of the drain. LOL Look at all that snow! That brings me out of my pity party over our highs in the upper 30s or lower 40s, and no blooms yet. Our springs will come, but its hard to wait.

    I want to go where Phillip is!

  20. Don't worry Donna, spring will come eventually, I promise. Looks like your grandson had the right idea!

  21. Looks like our weather and it's snowing another 6 to ten right now. booo

  22. Wow your CC kid looks like he is having so much fun! Can't wait to see a post from him again. And yikes that is still some snow!

  23. I need to follow the Coo-Coo Kid! I would love to jump over some sand castles right about now.

    It's still winter here in Michigan with daily mixes of rain and snow, making a muddy mess that later on freezes over.

    Thanks for the smile! Those words are how I'm going to address anything that brings a small to my face.

  24. Thank you for the kind compliment on my beautiful grandson. I can't help but agree with you. And you remember just fine...I am Oma, but I'm not bothered by being called Grandma. I'll answer to either.

    Love you too.


  25. Hi Donna! To answer your question, yes, mine are 5 gallon buckets, and besides Home Depot or Lowes, I also buy them for around $2.50 at a local sandwich shop (they are green 5 gallon buckets that pickles came in). You could try asking around like that. They should be food grade to use for growing vegies (no previous oils or non-food uses). I am actually hoping to find some other colors, because, believe it or not, when you have them all full, they do add a lot more color (I have flowers and vegies, as you they all blend in a whirl of colors)! I know, I am a freak...hehehe!!! :) Hope you can find some around town...I would call sandwich/sub shops to inquire...some may just give them away!!! Sorry so long in answering your question...just started a new job, and it is long days with an hour drive each way! Yikes!!!
    xoxo- Julie


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