March 9, 2011

Don't Be Fooled. It's Not Over.

Winter should be over when you've
worn out the knees of your snow pants.

When your mittens fall apart,
that should mark the end of winter.

But it's NOT gone. It hangs on!

There ought to be a law against the
view from our front porch looking
like this on the 9th of March.

Hungry for guacamole?
Come back in four years,
when our tree sets its first fruit.

Pretty sad situation when my only gardening topic is an avocado pit. It could be said that in the month of March gardening in Zone 4 is the pits. 


  1. Those look like all my sons's pants.
    What is it with little boys?
    My son always asks if we can grow grapefruit with the little seeds.
    Good luck with your avocado tree! May it bless you with heaping gobs of guacamole someday.

  2. How do you wear out the knees in snow pants.

    Your post had me cracking up today.

    And yes, March is the pits, but I clearly recall days in March being in the 70s sometimes. A girls got to dream.

    Hope your pit roots well.

  3. Here snow pants are barely worn and the kids grow out of them they still look brand new. Hope the snow doesn't stick around too long. March is really wet here so not much fun to garden in either, although I guess it's better than snow.

  4. Poor you! I share your pain. We had snow this morning, with more forecast for the next few days. But we can't claim the even white coverage that you come.

  5. A very funny post Donna. At least you can still laugh.

    I'm always glad to see a new post from you pop up on my Google Reader, but I wish for your sake that there would be warmer news p;>)

  6. I'm glad it's not snowing here. We've had a gazillion inches of rain so we'd have a bazillion inches of snow! Wishing you Spring in your future!

  7. Those look like my grandson's snow pants ...!

  8. Oh, I was ready to see some guacamole!!! Not 4 years from now!!! :)

    I feel for you with that weather of yours...but it will soon be just gorgeous out!!! I'm just sure of it!

    I forgot to tell you that I drilled holes about 1 inch from the bottom of the buckets...about three evenly spaced holes. The holes are about half an inch thick, to allow for drainage.

    Best wishes...and I want to see your buckets when they are full of goodness!!!!

  9. Clever post, Donna! Nice job hanging upside down, Phillip!

    Well, spring must be planning on arriving one of these days soon!

  10. Lol, Donna, thanks for the smiles this morning:) I felt much the same way this past weekend--one day I felt spring in the air, and the next day snow was flying and winter's cold winds were blowing me around. I keep reminding myself that in a few months I'll probably be complaining about mosquitoes and how hot it is:)

  11. Hey girl...not seeing the Justin Bieber movie, but I'm thinking Phillip must be popular at school if they think he sings like the "Beibs".

    Kind of dedicated today's post to you. Enjoy.

  12. a guacamole tree is quite a commitment! Sooner or later, the white stuff has got to go. Like the young man in the photo--hang in there!!

  13. Oh no. The snow is still there. I wish you warm days and a quick melt!

  14. I must say that even though I dislike it greatly, from your front yard snow always looks beautiful! And Phillip makes it look downright fun. Four years will be gone before you know it! Here's to guacamole!

  15. I'm sorry to report it's no the knees that are wearing out... it's the backside from slipping and falling on the ice. :(

  16. Hi Donna Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment the picture is of my boys and it was taken 3yrs ago in Wales. The older of them loves looking at snow I showed your pictures and he doesn't understand how anyone can have enough of snow when you havent got it you want it or uour neighbours grass is whiter. Now Avocados we have.

  17. As usual, I enjoyed your writing and pictures. Brightened up my gray day!

  18. What a fun post! Thst coo coo kid can sure wear out a snow suit and gloves. And still snow! Yikes!

  19. Ohhhhh nooooo that much snow in March....yuk. I'll bet you long for spring more than any of us to go out in your garden and work.
    Thanks for all the lovely comments on my post lately.

    Do tell Philip to be careful, although he is a BOY.
    Fun to watch him hang in that tree.
    CU around my friend.
    Hugs Dagmar

  20. I agree with the others, this is a fun post. It made me laugh.
    I can't believe you had still snow this month. I hope it will melt quickly with the Spring is just around the corner. We had rainy days and it was just yesterday and today that we saw blue skies.

    Have a great day always.


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  22. i agree....worn out knees-winter over !!!


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