May 30, 2012

The Lushness Of It All

It's not even officially summer and already I feel overwhelmed by the lushness of the season.

This is the east side of our house where the landscape is allowed to go natural and sometimes it feels like it might grab me as I pass through.

Jack in the pulpit, a wildflower and a survivor.

A view of the front yard. This lightly shaded area has a more tranquil feel to it than the east side jungle.

Meet some of the happy faces in my garden, violas.

Took some time to sit on the porch swing over the weekend and this Comma butterfly landed on the landscape stone only a few feet from me. So many butterflies already this year.

I don't blog often, but continue to garden and take photos like a madwoman. I've planted 29 containers with flowers and vegetables. Most likely there will be more.

Wishing all of my blogger friends a successful growing season.


  1. Your peaceful yard is gorgeous . . . How many containers . . . WOW . . . no time for blogging if you're gardening!

  2. Beautiful yard. And I love your visitor. It's nice to sit and see who visits. I've noticed a LOT more butterflies this year.

  3. Gorgeous yard! Don't feel overwhelmed -- just enjoy (easy for me to say, LOL)..... I love violas (we used to call them Johnny Jump Ups.)

  4. Your yard looks amazing. That's a lot of pots. I did 17 and I think I'm done. Love to read what's going on in your life. Miss your blogging, but I understand that sometimes it's just not easy.

  5. Hi Donna! Gosh, your front yard is so lovely!!! I love the feel of the natural growth backyard is this way as well. You should be having a gangbuster bunch of flowers and vegies in your containers!!! I have slowed down on just about EVERYTHING since going back to work a few weeks ago. I have to find the strength to keep some of my vegie pots going.....
    Wish me luck! Hope to see you around here as you can.
    xoxo- Julie

  6. So much beauty in your yard. Hoping to get a few plants out soon.

  7. Your front yard is beautiful, Donna--so peaceful. Twenty-nine containers?? Wow, you have been busy! I'm trying to get 15 done and still haven't finished. This is the time of year when garden work definitely takes precedence over blogging--looking forward to seeing what's going on in your world whenever you have time.

  8. Summer came early. Your violas are just beautiful; mine are almost gone except for some volunteers.

    It's hard to blog when you need to go outside. It's hard to go outside when it gets hot and humid and the gnats are out.

    Blog when you can. We'll notice.

  9. Beautiful violas! I love their happy faces. Thanks for the view of your gardens. Hope you have a wonderful summer.

  10. Looks so beautiful and peaceful, too! You are ambitious with containers! I need to plant a few more. I have four pots of basil, my window boxes and three other containers but need a few more. When are you coming for a visit?

  11. missing you Donna, glad you're enjoying the spring!

  12. As much as we love garden season, it can get a bit overwhelming to look around and see how much work it entails. Maybe it's actually a good thing that we have to lose our gardens to winter every year! Rest!

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  14. Oh, I am so happy that summer is here... I am loving it!!

    Nice pic of the butterfly :)

  15. Hi Donna,
    I like your lush area, as well as your front yard. It sounds like you are having a good summer, from your updates on FB. I need to stop spending so much time there.

  16. Hello sweet Donna. Totally understand why you're to be found in the garden. Love it. and it looks soooo nice again this year.
    Well let me loose in your wild area and be grabbed....will you come pay me a visit while I'm hanging around in the greens and feed me some goodies to keep me alive and kicking?

    Would be fun visiting even if it would be in the lush greens.
    Hugs Dagmar
    and be well.

  17. Donna,
    How did your gardens fare through the summer? With cooler nights and more rain mine are coming back to life. The fall flowers will be early this year - Japanese Anemone is blooming now. Everything was early this year. Did you find that where you are?

  18. Thanks for commenting on my post. I hope you have a great Halloween. What is the coo coo kid dressing up as this year?

  19. Hi, Donna!

    Thank you for the visit. It is always nice to hear from you. We are all fine and hope all of you are doing great. We are on our last month of Spring and the days are getting warmer, opposite to what you have there.

    Please Hi to coo coo kid fo me.



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