January 11, 2012

Temperature Does Matter

I bought a small Aeonium Decorum at a succulent class back in April, 2011. It's a plant native to the Canary Island of La Gomera. I wasn't able to duplicate the tropics inside my house, but it did survive until the warm weather of May arrived when I put it outside in a container along with an Escheveria Princess Katena, the taller plant in the back. There's also a small donkey tail in the pot. As the temperature and sunshine increased, so did the rosey-pink edging of the leaves. It quickly became my favorite new find for 2011.

Fall arrived and the temperature started to drop. I brought it back into the house, but between our cat and the lack of bright sunshine the pretty plant started to suffer. Last week when it became clear that it wouldn't make it until May, I set it back outside to let nature take its course and it did just that.

So Sad!

If you have an interest in succulents, here's a very "sweet" blogger who knows a lot about them and her photos are great, too. Visit Candy at Sweetstuff's Sassy Succulents 

The Coo Coo Kid is busy with fourth grade, but still has time for fun. Here he is eating cotton candy at the Harlem Globetrotter basketball game. Everything about this child makes me happy.

My first time to upload a video to a post. Looks a little distorted, but guess I won't know until I publish it.

I hope that 2012 has been good to all of you, so far.


  1. That was such a pretty Escheveria; I love the pink edged leaves. So sad it didn't make it. I've brought back a few succulents and cacti after visiting my daughter in Arizona, but can't seem to keep them going here either. You would think as dry as my house is in the winter, they would love it.

    I hope you had a wonderful holiday, Donna, and are enjoying a great start to the New Year. The Coo-Coo Kid looks like he's really enjoying himself at the Globetrotters, but could he see the game around that giant cotton candy?:)

  2. I would have had to snatch some of that cotton candy!!
    That was one gorgeous plant-too bad it didn't make it. That's one I would try again though. Beautiful even if it only lasts one season!

  3. Ouch, that's quite a 'touch' of frost!

    What a great, sparky grandson you have!

  4. Awww sweetie I am so sorry for your loss! That plant was a beauty! Next year this is what you can do. Definitely bring it inside. Put it in a window somewhere and then go to the Home Depot. Get an inexpensive grow light and put it in a cheap reading lamp. You know the kind kids put on their desks and the neck and lamp head can be turned in different directions. Plus it in and then you will give it the light it needs. You have then developed your own little microclimate. Make sure to water when all dry. Might work!

    And I would want some of that cotton candy too. Your little Coo Coo kid is not so little anymore. But what a sweetheart. Tell him I want to see a blog post.

    And thanks for the shout out! Nice to hear from you and hope your holiday was wonderful and New Year bright. Take care!

  5. Love Candy Sweetstuff!!! She is the best succulent queen ever!!! I love your pink edged beauty! Is it dead...or can you cut it back and it may live??? I totally agree with Candy's plan for indoor time with your succulents! Hello to CooCooKid! That was a giant cotton candy if I ever saw one!!! TaKE CARE dONNA!

  6. oh, Donna, how sad! I'm sorry, I hope you can find another one...

    The Globetrotters were in Madison and we almost went, but the tix were $50! Sheesh. Rather see the Bulls for that!

    Your grandson is darling and it is so obvious he has your heart. I have always wished for a loving Grama for my kids...!

  7. What a beautiful succulent! Too bad it's gone. I don't know much about succulents so thanks for the link to Sweetstuff!

    Also thanks for a quick look at Coo Coo Kid. He looks like he would make everyone happy.

  8. Donna that was a gorgeous succulent! Hope that you will find another one like it. I'll have to check out Sweet Stuff's sassy succulents because I like them too, but have trouble keeping them alive. I just can't figure out how to water them correctly. I'm sure she can help me in the future.

    You did a good job with your first upload. The Coo-Coo kids looks as if he is having a blast! Now I want cotton candy I've always like it.. Hope you and Family have a fantastic 2012..

  9. Good you took those beautiful memorial pictures -- try again next year ;>)....I can see why your grandson makes you happy -- he is so cute. I don't eat sugar any more but that cotton candy looks pretty darn good.

  10. Love the video of the Coo Coo Kid!

  11. Yummy! the Coo Coo Kid and the cotton candy!
    Nice plant, too, so sorry it didn't make it. Maybe next year!
    Happy to see a post from you! All the best to you!

  12. Love the succulent photo. One of my favorite plants, though some I have to bring in for the Winter - or yes they will die. Jack

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  14. Succulents are so varied and there are so many good ones to try. Now you have a great opportunity and excuse to buy more.
    Coo coo kid is growing up fast!
    He has a sweet tooth, I see. Great first try with the video.

  15. The plant was so beautiful! Can't wait to check out Candy. I think I'd like to do a lot of succulents this year.
    Okay, no one can accuse the cotton candy vendor of being stingy with the servings! That is one big pile of cotton candy! And Phillip is up to the task! So very fun to see him in action!

  16. Well, I am a SUCKER for succulents and do bring many indoors as necessary. If you get a chance you could visit my Lowe's blog in December to see some I've brought indoors.

    That 'Princess Katena' is STUNNING.

    Warm joys to you,


  17. That was a pretty plant. I'm not familiar with it. I enjoyed the little video of Philip. He sure is getting big!

  18. Hello hello hello my Donna. What a beautiful plant....and I've seen it ON GOMERA. I went to Tenerife many many many years ago and we hopped over to La Gomera. So beautiful.

    let's hope to see your beauty get it's act together again as soon as the sun comes out.
    Hugs Dagmar
    ps thanks for your great visits over and over again.


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