February 17, 2011

What's a Zone 4 Gardener To Do?

Wait - Plan - Dream

That's all this gardener can
 do in the month of February.

"One little chickadee sitting all alone.
He flew away and then there were none."
(From a preschool nursery rhyme)

Black-Capped Chickadees are
 year-around residents in Wisconsin.
This one was basking in the heat
 being radiated from the sun-warmed 
bricks on our house.

A Red-Bellied Woodpecker is
checking out my homemade suet cakes.

Doesn't absolutely everyone have a
 cat sleeping in their bathroom sink?


  1. Somehow with cats..., whatever the size of sink is, cats just fill up the space... sometimes they squeeze through little gap at the gate.

  2. How lucky you are to have those chickadees!! and the woodpeckers! The cat is so sweet, too.

  3. Hi Donna,
    The wait for spring has been very hard for me, but it looks like your wait is a little longer than mine. I like your photos. We don't have cats because my husband is allergic to them. Yours looks like a sweetie.

    My word verification is "dishidew". I think that's kind of cute.

  4. I don't know that I've ever even seen a chickadee or a red woodpecker! I saw a FAT robin yesterday though. It's seed catalog time.

  5. I always enjoy your photos!

  6. What cute bird pictures. I've never seen a Chickadee hanging from a brick wall before :)
    Your cat picture reminds me of my orange cat who used to do the same thing. I always thought it seemed like such a funny place to curl up.

  7. Oh, your suet cakes look fabulous!!
    Your kitty is a doll in that sink! Such a sweet face!
    Do you have your ideas all down on paper for your spring garden plan???

  8. Looks to me like you're having a pretty good time waiting...I love chickadees.

    I do imagine that you eagerly await the delivery of garden catalogs these days. Our duaghter just got back to Oregon after a month with her grandsons in SC -- when she phoned me after her return she told me all about the early spring flowers that are blooming in OR -- we don't get those flowers here in Florida (for different reasons from yours though ;>)

  9. What a beautiful cat! "Where does your cat sleep?" "Anywhere he wants to." And so it goes with cats.

    We haven't seen many birds In PA yet. A few cardinals have over-wintered here. I heard them looking for love in the warm afternoon sun yesterday.

  10. hahaha loved the cat. It has a look like saying "what? I can't sleep here?

  11. Dear Donna

    Your blog of new stile really beautiful! Lovely! And the cat...

    Gabriella from London

  12. Nice kitty there for sure. Now as to us Zone 4 gardeners nobody to the south has a clue how tough it is to grow things here.

  13. Ha ~ usually you find my cats in the warmest and softest place they can find. :)

    That is one cute and smart little chickadee ~ it's amazing to me those little birds can handle zone 4 winters.

  14. PS The name of the purple daylily is Tupac Amaru. It's a really nice one.

  15. I really did laugh out loud at that cat. I want one of those for my sink. Do you think Lowes carries those?
    I am in the same boat with you. I keep smelling dirt outside and it is making me want to garden bad!

  16. Here in zone 6, the wait is winding down. On Thursday I spent two hours out cleaning up, and I didn't freeze! We had a quick warm spell, but it's already gone. But at least there is no snow.

  17. Ahhhh! love the little chickadee bathing in the sun. " Yes just about every cat I owned, liked to sleep or lounge in the bath tube.

    Thanks for the Valentine's Day post reminder, and happy belated Valentine's Day to you too.

  18. Donna, your cat is hilarious! Cheered up a gloomy afternoon here.

  19. Lol, Donna, your "bathroom cat" looks so much like our Tarzan, but it's our Toby who is most apt to be found in strange places, too. Looks like your friend has found a comfy resting spot:)

    Great photos of the birds--I was counting birds this weekend with my granddaughter for the Great Backyard Bird Count, but not much luck. The woodpeckers and chickadees must have spent the weekend in Wisconsin, because they were nowhere to be seen here the last few days.

  20. OM goodness! LOL I've never seen a cat sleeping in the sink before. That is so funny. And the bird hanging onto the wall is so interesting. I guess where ever there is warmth.... I hope spring comes to you soon and all that snow melts. Yuk!

  21. Hi there Donna, how are you my sweet lady friend? Sorry it took me a while before zooming back at ya. Thanks for your lovely visits lately and your always wonderful comments. I've missed being around here and now I've got the treat of your lovely cat in that sink...gosh made me smile though.

    Have a wonderful last week of february and may march be so much warmer without any snow so you're able to go work outdoors and make those flowers blossem.
    Soft hugs my friend.

  22. That cat makes me smile ... big!

  23. The cat in the sink really got me. Thanks for that.

    Keep thinking Spring. One of these days it will stop snowing.


  24. Your kitty in the sink looks adorable! I would have thought it a cute idea if our cat had ever thought of doing that, but no, I can honestly say I don't remember him ever doing that!
    I love the homemade suet idea. I saw the recipe on your previous post. I'll have to check it out a little closer.


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